Mike Epps Speaks TRUTH About Chris Brown & His SUSPECT ACCUSER!

Posted On : September 2, 2016

Mike Epps has now joined the long line of celebs who have come to Chris Brown’s defense, after what now seems evident that he’s being unfairly targeted by a former pageant queen-turned-alleged-groupie/thief and a deputy D.A. whom Brown claims is racist and has a history of dropping unwarranted charges on him in the past. See what Mike Epps said about it…


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Baylee's ex-roommate, Princeton Borough, said that in 2013 Baylee made false death threat claims to police and played the victim, when it was actually she who was at fault. According to Princeton, Baylee lied and told police he hired a hitman to kill her and that he rammed her head into a bedroom wall- all of which Princeton's photos of Baylee soon after the incident seemed to prove untrue in court docs. Princeton said all he did was restrain Baylee- never hitting her- while she was trying to attack his girlfriend. As a result, charges against him were dropped.

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Also, as cops were swarmed around Chris Brown's house, waiting for him to "surrender" and helicopters were hovering overhead, simply because a random chick cried "GUN!" with ZERO evidence, nor bodily harm, Chris was inside calmly giving live updates on social media to show the world that he is being falsely accused and harassed yet again.


Yep, it's official- as far as legal woes go, Chris Brown is the new James Brown, the new Bobby Brown, and hopefully after him, there won't be a Tyrone Brown who we'll be referring to as the new Chris Brown 15 years from now.

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