Mike Epps Speaks TRUTH About Chris Brown & His SUSPECT ACCUSER!

Posted On : September 2, 2016

Mike Epps has now joined the long line of celebs who have come to Chris Brown’s defense, after what now seems evident that he’s being unfairly targeted by a former pageant queen-turned-alleged-groupie/thief and a deputy D.A. whom Brown claims is racist and has a history of dropping unwarranted charges on him in the past. See what Mike Epps said about it…


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After seeing all of the info that's surfaced about Baylee Curran, the woman who told police Chris pulled a gun on her before kicking her out of his home, I'm now riding with "TeamBreezy"...on this one (it's kind of hard NOT too). Why? Because Baylee's story and her reputation just doesn't add up. I'm not saying Chris is an angel by far, but she ain't no prize neither.

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It's now been proven that the pageant queen, Baylee, is currently wanted in NY for grand larceny theft charges. NY police want to question her about stealing an expensive purse, cash, credit cards, and a Michael Kors wallet from an acquaintance at an upscale NY hotel, at which time ol' girl was apparently chased by hotel security guards, but successfully fled the scene.  In a separate claim, Baylee's former friend said she stole a Rolex watch from him once. He also told TMZ that Baylee told him she was going to "set up" Chris Brown.

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These "theft" incidents are critical, because it was Baylee, herself, who admitted that her lurking around an expensive jewelry piece inside Chris' home, is what led to Brown and his friends kicking her out. And according to Chris and witnesses at the home, they did so withOUT a gun of any kind...but even if they had, Baylee's legal troubles gives them legs to stand on that supports suspicions that she was about to try to steal expensive jewelry from Chris' home. WAIT...THERE'S MORE>>>

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