MJ’s Friend Teddy Riley Admits ‘Stealing’ Jermaine’s Girlfriend & Writing Hit Songs About Her

Posted On : July 23, 2019
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Michael Jackson and Teddy Riley (via Pinterest)

Teddy Riley recently did an interview where he revealed some very interesting secrets not just about his friend, Michael Jackson, but about a popular actress he dated on the low. This actress was who Teddy wrote some of MJ’s biggest “Dangerous” album hits about and she inspired those timeless Guy love songs as well. See who…


We would have never put these two together, because they were never seen in public together, but check out who the actress is behind some of our favorite 90s love songs…

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Teddy revealed that actress/director, Salli Richardson (best known for the 90’s film, “Low Down Dirty Shame” starring Keenan Ivory Wayans and Jada Pinkett-Smith)) is the woman he was head over hills in love with back in the day and that she was the inspiration for many hits. They dated for about one year (in the early 90’s) and remained friends for a while after that.

During a 2016 interview, when Teddy was asked if any of his “Dangerous” album songs were about Salli, he replied:

“Are you kidding? ‘Do You Remember the time when we fell in love,’ ‘I Can’t Let Her Get Away,’ ‘She Drives Me Wild’…do you see how I’m cutting you off?!! SHE was my INSPIRATION!”

Salli was in the studio with Teddy everyday as he wrote and produced MJ’s records. Teddy said everything he was saying in those records, he was saying about her because that’s how he felt about her then. In another interview, he also said that “Let’s Chill” and several other Guy love songs at that time were all about Salli. Damn Salli had Teddy wide open, LOL! Check out the video below, he starts talking about Salli at the 6 minute mark…

On Jamie Foxx’s ‘The Foxxhole’ Sirius XM radio show, Jamie asked Teddy ‘If he’d ever taken any other celebrity’s woman’ Teddy then revealed he how he actually stole Salli so to speak…


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Teddy went into detail on Jamie Foxx’s show about the day he first met Salli Richardson at a club and stole her from Jermaine Jackson! Ain’t that something? Obviously the fact that Teddy took his big brother’s woman didn’t bother MJ, because soon afterwards he called Teddy to work on that “Dangerous” album, LOL. And the rest is history. You gotta hear Teddy tell Jamie the story in the video below though, it’s hilarious (starts around the 1:00 mark)…

During that time when Teddy and MJ were working on the “Dangerous” album, Teddy lived at MJ’s home, but wait ’til you see some of the interesting things he revealed about his friend, MJ>>>


Teddy revealed a few interesting things about Michael Jackson:

“I stayed with Mike. We ate pot pies and Kentucky Fried Chicken together.”

“The best way he could describe MJ was that “he’s like a homie in the house” really regular and down to earth.”

Teddy said his only regret is that he chose not to take a lot of pics with MJ because he never wanted to invade his space.

He went on to explain how MJ loved heat, literally and how they formed a close brotherhood type of bond during the time they worked on the album:

“Michael would always call me in his hot a$$ room, because he LOVED heat. He didn’t like the sun because of his skin, but he loved is room so warm, like you couldn’t breathe, like you just breathing hot air. And he has the heater on the other side and then a heater in front of him, and then a humidifier because he loves stem, it moistens his voice” (which is what many singers are known to do).

Teddy: MJ was a “very warm hearted dude and when you’re behind closed doors with him, he talks about things that you would never expect him to talk about….about his youth life, his life with the little [amount of] friends that he had.”