MJ’s Son Graduates College & The Whole Jackson Fam’ Showed Up..Including Rarely Seen Brother

Posted On : May 13, 2019

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If Michael Jackson were alive today to witness his eldest child’s latest achievement, he’d be beaming with pride. Michael “Prince” Jackson Jr. (22) has just graduated from college…and get this, he did so at the TOP of his class! Go ‘head Prince!

Prince made his rite of passage into the college grad’ life, when he walked the stage to get his degree from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA., where he spent the past four years studying business.

Prince Jackson with his grandmother, Katherine Jackson [Instagram]

And as y’all already know, the Jackson family is hella big and always rolls in packs to support each other. So Prince’s big day was no different. Matter of fact, the Jackson’s showed up and showed OUT for his graduation- his aunts, great-aunts, cousins, and all were there. Fans were most surprised to see Grandma Katherine Jackson and Prince’s little (big) bro,’ Blanket in the building.

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