MLK’s Son Finally Gives Opinion On Newsweek’s Insensitive MLK Casket Pic, This’ll Surprise U

Posted On : January 8, 2018

As we all know, the late, great, Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of great courage. He fought hard for equality and social justice in a peaceful manner and even forgave those who did harm to him throughout his fight for civil rights.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
CIRCA 1967: Civil rights activst and minister Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attends a dinner circa 1967. (Photo by Martin Mills/Getty Images)

Even though MLK Jr. lost his life when his four children were just young kids in 1968, they clearly learned and/or inherited some of his personality traits. In particular, his son, Dexter King (56), has recently displayed his ability to forgive, much like his Pops. Forgive what, you ask? Forgive Newsweek’s highly insensitive tweet of his father in an open casket, presumably in efforts to get link clicks to their article about Dr. King, Jr.

MLK’s Daughter’s Prior Blasting Of Insensitive Newsweek Photo

In case you missed Newsweek’s offensive disaster last week, no worries, because Dr. King’s daughter, Bernice King (54), put them on blast for all the world to see:

Bernice Kings’s Twitter repost of Newsweek’s tweet abut her father, MLK Jr.

MLK Jr’s Son Has A Different Opinion

Fast forward to a few days later and Bernice’s brother, Dexter, has a slightly different take on the senseless tweet by Newsweek- he believes it was an “honest mistake” on Newsweek’s part. Although I’m not quite sure how one ‘mistakenly’ posts an open casket photo and captions it “Have you seen our old friend Martin?,” Dexter has a different outlook. Check out what he said about this in the video clip below…

Like I said, it’s great to see that Dexter inherited his Pops’ ability to forgive. Couldn’t be me though…nah! You disrespect my parent like that, I’m holding that grudge for life!

Bernice King HasChange Of Heart After Newsweek’s Apology

Anywho, Dexter wasn’t the only King offspring to forgive though. After Newsweek issued an apology for their ridiculous tweet, surprisingly Bernice King found it in her heart to forgive them as well.

Listen Up America: Forging Our Agenda for Justice
Dr. Bernice King; March 31, 2017. (Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Newsweek’s apology via Twitter:

“Earlier this afternoon we published an opinion piece with an insensitive image of Martin Luther King Jr. We sincerely apologize to the King family for this egregious error.”

Bernice King’s statement of forgiveness about Newsweek:

“Today I saw where Newsweek published this insensitive image of my father. […] We must never forget that Dr. King was a husband and was a father so we deal all the time just with continuing to manage our father and the great work that he’s done…so it was difficult. […] I want to thank Newsweek for immediately responding and removing the image and for giving an apology. Apology accepted.”

And there it is people, alls well that ends well. Respect to Dexter and Bernice King for finding it in their hearts to forgive…but hopefully, never forget.