Mo Money..After $1B Lawsuit, Ice Cube Makes Huge Announcement About His Big3 League

Posted On : June 12, 2018

NWA legend-turned actor-turned BIG3 League owner, Ice Cube, is out her making MAJOR moves yet again. As we previously reported, Cube has had a very successful run with his first year of his professional basketball league that includes the likes of many former NBA icons. Now, he’s just made the announcement that he’s about to turn it ALL the way up.

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Ice Cube Expanding His BIG3 League

In a surprise announcement about his BIG3 League, Cube took to Twitter Tuesday morning (June 12, 2018) to announce he and his partner are in talks with heavy-hitters in China to expand their league to China….and then to Brazil. Now that’s big boss moves right there!

After Cube’s announcement, further details emerged about the Compton, Cali. native’s latest business moves. NBA legend and New Orleans, La. native, Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, was with Cube in China for the high-level meeting up with Chou and Ming. Drexler- an NBA Hall of Famer- is BIG3 League’s commissioner. He, Ice Cube and their fellow BIG3 League execs are currently ‘in Beijing as part of a 3-day trip to announce that the league will play exhibition games in China,’ reports TMZ. Check out the video clip of their Beiging trip below…

That’s not all though:

Via TMZ: …After the upcoming BIG3 season ends, players and coaches will travel to China and hoop in exhibition games with players from China’s 3-on-3 league, the JYB — started by Taiwanese star Jay Chou. […] We’re told it’s only the 1st of a 2-part plan. Step 2? An entirely new BIG3 League in China … that’ll tour the country. […] It’s not a done deal just yet … but the league is optimistic it’s gonna happen.

The $1Billion Lawsuit

This latest news, is far better than what we informed y’all of in April. We reported that Cube and his Big3 League partner, Jeff Kwatinetz filed a $1billion (yes BILLION) lawsuit against their business associates. Cube and Kwatinetz did a deal with a royal family from Qatar, which promised to invest millions into the BIG League, which would help cover the salaries of the players, but unfortunately things went way left. Long story short, the Qatari men have been giving Cube and his partner the run-around…even reportedly going as far as blaming their relaxed payments on sinus problems and teeth issue…weird, we know.

What Is Big3 League?

By the way, if you still aren’t too familiar with exactly what Ice Cube’s Big3 League is all about, here’s what we previously reported about his huge grand opening last year (2017)…

Ice Cube has created a league that is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while. His Big3 League is a new basketball league comprised of some highly legendary former NBA players, including Allen Iverson, Jason Williams, Stephen Jackson, Chauncey Billups, and more.

Cube’s league features retired players who play on three-man teams against each other. It’s an eight team league. It’s also great way to allow the Old School to represent, by keeping the players- who have stayed on top of their game and kept themselves in tip top shape after retirement- on the court and their legacies thriving. Props to Ice Cube for bringing his Big3 League to fruition!