“Moesha” Star Shar Jackson And Well-Known ’90s Actress Are Cousins, Most Fans Never Knew

Posted On : October 2, 2022
(L) Shar Jackson; (R) Cast of “Moesha” sitcom

Shar Jackson has been in the acting game for many years, but most fans know her for her role on Moesha, which opened many doors for her career. She went on to make appearances on shows like The Bernie Mac Show and MTV’s My So-Called Life. Shar also co-starred in the Nickelodeon film, Good Burger.

But apparently, she isn’t the only member of her family who caught the acting bug at an early age. Shar also has a well-known cousin who was regularly featured on a few hit ’90s sitcoms. All these years have gone by, but somehow they kept this on the low for the most part.

“Family Matters” & “Punky Brewster” Actress

Cast of Punky Brewster; Shar Jackson’s cousin, Cherie Johnson, pictured bottom row, left

For those who don’t know, Cherie Johnson happens to be Shar Jackson’s cousin. Cherie made her acting debut at a very young age with her role on the hit 80’s sitcom, Punky Brewster. Ironically, she played “Cherie,” “Punky’s” best friend. But most fans remember her for Family Matters.

Years later, Cherie left her mark on television when she portrayed “Laura Winslow’s” best friend, “Maxine ‘Max’ Johnson,” on Family Matters. Cherie made regular appearances on the hit sitcom for eight seasons from 1990 to 1997 when the show was canceled.

“Urkel” and Cherie Johnson in “Family Matters” (screen-grab)

After Family Matters, Cherie turned her attention to the production side of the film industry and she even produced and starred in an independent film called I Do…I Did back in 2009. Shar also appeared in that film. Might have seemed like it was just a matter of good casting but the ladies were just keepin’ it in the family.

A while back, Shar took to Instagram with a sweet post about her cousin. She shared a photo of them together and captioned it, “Beautiful things happen when my gorgeous cousin @cheriejohnson75 and I get together!!!!”

Shar Jackson’s Instagram post about her cousin, Cherie Johnson

These days,  life has evolved in various ways for the actress cousins.

According to reports, she’s now married with two adorable daughters. She also sometimes has her cuz, Shar, co-host her “Cherie’s World Podcast,” with her…


Shar Jackson has remained focused on raising her four children, and she’s also made numerous appearances on reality TV shows. She’s appeared on ABC’s The Ex-Wives Club, MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar, and VH1’s Celebrity Boot Camp. 

Can’t wait to see what else the future holds for these queens.