Her Mom’s A Gorgeous 90’s Actress Male Fans Loved, With A Voice That’s Equally Beautiful

Posted On : July 9, 2018
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The year was 1990, when this young lady’s mother became a face that many fans of Black 90’s films would remember for a long time to come. Why? Because she co-starred in what has now become a cult classic, alongside the iconic, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, and too many other legends to name. If you think you guessed the right film, based one the two actors we just mentioned, chances are you’ve probably guessed correctly. See if you got the actress right though. Get your scroll on to see who birthed this princess…

Who’s Her Mommy?

“Mo Better Blues” actress, Cynda Williams (L) and her daughter, Sophia (R) (via Instagram)

None other than actress, Cynda Williams, be’s the mommy of her daughter, Sophia Plummer. Remember Cynda? She played the role of “Clarke” in the classic film, “Mo Better Blues.” “Clarke” was the side chick, whom “Bleek” (Denzel Washington) was cheating on his girlfriend, “Indigo” (Joie Lee), with and vice versa. Cynda also left a lasting impression on us “Mo’ Better Blues” fans, when she rocked that red dress and sang “Harlem Blues” in the Spike Lee joint.

These days, Cynda is the proud mother of her 16 year old daughter, Sophia, who as you can see, looks a lot like her moms, but she’s the splitting image of her dad (see him below). Sophia will be turning 17 in a few months and she, too, stole the hearts of many, when she attended her high school prom last school year, looking like a throwback version of her “Mo Better” mommy…

Sophia’s a true athlete and Cynda oftentimes gets into ‘proud mommy mode,’ when she big ups her baby’s basketball accomplishments…

Recently, the actress shared photos of her daughter touring her first college, in preparation to decide which one she’ll be soon attending, so we wish her the best in her future collegiate endeavors.

Meet The Father Of Cynda Williams’ Daughter

Cynda Williams married, Roderick Plummer in 2001. It’s unclear if they’re still married, because one look at her social media pages and it’s clear to see that she shares many photos and memories of her close loved ones, however, none of Roderick. We did locate a throwback photo of her daughter, Sophia, chillin’ with her daddy, Roderick, though. Check him out below…

Throwback photo of Roderick Plummer with his and Cynda Williams’ daughter, Sophia Plummer (via Cynda’s MySpace)

Since Roderick lives his life away from the public eye, we had to dig up a few fun facts about him, by way of Cynda’s reveal. In a prior interview with Austin Weekly News, Cynda revealed this about Roderick:

“Roderick Plummer is a former football player. He is a entertainment lawyer and has been in the business for a very long time. We met because he was the producer of a film I did (Hidden Blessings).”

What Cynda Does Now

Although it’s been a minute since Cynda has stepped onto the big screen, the former “Mo Better Blues” star is still gettin’ her sing on. She’s a jazz artist and performs at various gigs across the country. In fact, she recently performed at the D.C. Jazz Fest in June 2018. She’s also still in the acting game. Here she is on the set of a film titled, “Welfare Check,” in which she’s seemingly playing a police officer…

Officer John and Officer Allen #welfarecheck #film

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And of course, she never forgot about her “Clarke” roots. She still makes rounds singing jazz songs in honor of her “Mo’ Better Blues” days as well.

As always, it’s wonderful seeing entertainers from back in the day, healthy, happy, and still able to feed their families, by doing what they love.