Monica Publicly Shares Secret About Her NBA Husband After Cheating Rumor

Posted On : May 26, 2016

Singer, Monica, has not only heard about the cheating allegations from the woman who claimed to have been involved with her husband/NBA baller, Shannon Brown, and posted about it on social media, Monica’s addressed those claims about her man head on. Now Monica has taken it a step further to let the world know exactly what time it is and in doing so, she also revealed something that happened to her husband that the world never knew…


While a woman was spreading claims about Monica's husband all across the internet, Monica and Shannon were just thankful that he was still alive. The last thing they needed, nor had time for were cheating rumors. It's good that they're doing just fine and we wish them many more years of marital bliss. Shannon also posted a very straightforward message of his own about all of the cheating claims...

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