Months After Breakup, Diddy’s Ex Cassie Announces She’s Pregnant By His Former Employee

Posted On : June 13, 2019

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Diddy’s & Cassie’s History With Her Current Boyfriend…
After news spread, that Cassie and Alex Fine- a personal trainer- had begun dating back in October, y’all already know fans started diggin’ into who Alex actually is and how he was able to get Cassie to break away from Diddy.

Well, that’s where Diddy’s unknowingly helping hand comes in. Ya’ see, Diddy once hired Alex Fine to be Cassie’s personal trainer. At the time, Alex worked under Diddy’s trainer, Jamal Liggin, and ultimately chose Alex to specifically train Cassie. Little did Diddy know or suspect, sparks would soon fly between Cassie and Alex…and here we are today- congratulating the the parents-to-be on their pending baby girl just 8 months later. Wow!

Sources Claim Diddy Felt Betrayed…But Cassie Disputed His Claim…

Cassie with the father of her expected baby, Alex Fine [via @alexfine Instagram]
According to several sources close to Diddy’s camp, the Bad Boy Records mogul felt like Cassie and Alex stabbed him in his back, by secretly dating while Cassie was supposedly still dating Diddy.

In response to Diddy’s alleged claim, Cassie reportedly denied hookin’ up with Alex during her relationship with Diddy and allegedly maintains that the two didn’t do the damn thang until AFTER she and Diddy said ‘peace out to each other.’

So, Diddy’s Plan Didn’t Work?>>>