Moses Malone’s Son Has Slight Loss In Case After Claiming NBA Star Had Him Beaten & Robbed

Posted On : December 31, 2017
Moses Malone, Jr. (L); Darian Blount (C); James Harden (R)

The brutal beating of Moses Malone’s son, Moses Jr., may have led to a 35-year prison sentence for the club bouncer involved, but it looks like the case has hit a snag in another area. For those who don’t know, Malone is suing Houston Rockets star James Harden for the beating he suffered because he claims Harden orchestrated the brutal 2016 attack. Now, the two are embroiled in a heated legal war.

According to The Blast, Malone has reportedly requested personal documents from the Houston Rockets in hopes of finding information on Harden that would help his case, but it doesn’t look like the judge ruled in his favor.

Irrelevant and Unnecessary:

It has been reported that Malone was seeking “all personnel/file records for any complaints, reprimands, or investigations made against Harden including any player code of conduct violations.” However, Harden argues that such information from his professional file has nothing to do with the assault allegations Malone has made. In a nutshell, the NBA baller insists him being late for practice, having a disagreement with a referee, or any other minute incident involving his career has nothing to do with the case. Apparently, the judge agrees with Harden because he ruled in his favor. So, the ruling is definitely a setback for Malone.

Moses Malone Jr

A Brutal Beating:

The latest news follows the conviction of Darian Blount. The former club bouncer was sentenced to 35 years behind bars. According to The Chron, the 40-year-old is said to have confronted Malone after he was involved in a Facebook argument with Harden. But is James Harden really to blame for the attack? Well, Malone’s attorney, George Farah, believes so. Months ago, it was reported that Blount was “acting on the orders of Defendant James Harden when he and his associates attacked [Malone].”

As previously reported, witnesses claim Harden was quite upset about his argument with Malone and Farah insists the witnesses’ accounts of the incident have been “pretty consistent.” “All the stories that we’ve heard from all the witnesses were pretty consistent that James Harden was pretty upset about the Facebook post that was posted the night before the attack,” Farah previously told ESPN. “There were text messages between Moses and some of James Harden’s friends. … We have a good trail of evidence that leads to James Harden’s involvement to this.”

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