N.E.’s Mike Bivins Receives A Big Honor With His Beautiful Mom & Family By His Side

Posted On : June 15, 2018

Michael Bivins, of the legendary New Edition, returned to his hometown recently to make his momma proud. The BBD star was honored at his old stumping grounds, Belmont High School, in Belmont, Massachusetts. With tears in his eyes, Bivins was overwhelmed with emotion, because he was finally able to accomplish something that was always in the back of his mind.

Michael Bivins Proves That It’s Never Too Late To Accomplish Your Goals In Life:

Before Mike Bivins was a superstar, he had dreams of making it big as a teen growing up in Roxbury, MA.  As a teenager, Bivins was given the opportunity to participate in the METCO program. The METCO Program, Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities, was founded in 1966. It is a voluntary integration program that provides a suburban public school education for African-American, Hispanic, and Asian students from Boston. Every day, Bivins would take the bus from Roxbury to Belmont to attend Belmont High School. However, his musical career began to take off in his sophomore year, which caused him to leave school. While the decision to leave high school to pursue music turned out to be a highly successful choice, Bivins, Thelma Burns, a former METCO coordinator, said Bivins never lost sight of his education, even after leaving the high school.

“You know, he had to leave school to do this musical thing but he always had education in the back of his mind,” Burns said to WHDH.

In the presence of his mother, his wife Teasha Bivins, their four daughters, and a high school basketball teammate, Bivins received his honorary diploma from the class of 1986. In an interview with WHDH, the new dad of his 4th daughter offered words of wisdom.

It’s never too late, don’t ever feel like you can’t go back fix something and do something again. As long as you have breath, you can go back and do the same thing and maybe it’ll have a different outcome.

Many of Bivins loved ones, including his mother, wife, kids and a high school basketball teammate, proudly cheered him on during the ceremony. After the ceremony was over, Bivins wore a great big smile as he posed with his family.

Bivins Set A Stellar Example For His Children To Follow:

With his best friend/wife by his side, Teasha Bivins shared that they didn’t get much sleep because they were up with their latest bundle of joy,  Sanaah. Despite the fact that were sleepy, they didn’t let the lack of sleep spoil their excitement. Teasha shared the memorable moment of her husband receiving his diploma on her Instagram page as she described themselves as “two high school kids”.


So proud of her husband, Teasha Bivins penned a touching note to her husband as she praised him for being bold and vulnerable enough to share with the world that he didn’t have a high school diploma.

Mike Bivins tied the knot with his sweetheart Teasha on October 14, 2005. The pair is blessed with four lovely children whose names are Savannah Bivins, Shilah Bivins, Starlah Bivins, and baby, Sanaah. The music producer affectionately calles his daughters the Lil’ Supremes. The successful artist loves his kids so much that he wrote an article denoting the difference between a father and a daddy. Bivins proudly shared that his daughters call him, Daddy.

Congratulations again to Michael Bivins, showing his four daughters that anything is possible!