Naturi Naughton Had Fight at KFC With Former 3LW Group Members, Gives Candid Details

Posted On : April 13, 2019
Photo: Twitter

According to BET Kiely is not here for any of Naturi’s lies and wanted to set the record straight that she has long moved on from any 3LW drama, primarily focusing on her new role as a mother. In a since deleted post to Instagram she had this to say.

“I’m over here being a mom, literally bothering no one, and I hear, ‘Naturi Naughton tells all what really happened at KFC,'” she said. “I let that s**t go… But then I hear that not only did I pie her in the face with chicken and mashed potatoes, [but] we left her on the side of the road.”

“First of all, no we didn’t, and second of all, why?” she added. “Why would you need to make up new lies? Were the old ones not working anymore?… I’m not in the entertainment industry anymore. I’m a mom. I’m over here. You are on a hit television show. Why do you need this?”

Looks like there’s still some unresolved issues within the group and, everyone has their own side of the story. Perhaps the real Uncensored episode needs to be with all three original members of the group. Stay tuned.