NBA Dad To Spinderella’s & Tami Roman’s Kids Had Major Health Crisis & Now Works ‘Normal’ Job

Posted On : October 8, 2020
Spinderella with the daughter she shares with ex, Kenny Anderson- and daughter, Christy Anderson (via Instagram)

Kenny & DJ Spinderella’s Era
Deidre “DJ Spinderella” Roper and Kenny had daughter, Christy, in 1992. Spin’ had her issues with Kenny when they dated in the early 90’s, but she mostly kept them behind closed doors. There was, however, one publicized incident according to Undefeated- they once angrily ‘splashed champagne on each other during actor Wesley Snipes’ birthday party at a Manhattan nightclub.’

Tami Roman with the daughters she shares with ex, Kenny Anderson- Lyric (C) and Jazz (R); Instagram

Tami Roman & Kenny Anderson’s Marriage
Kenny married Tami in 1994, had two daughters (Lyric and Jazz), and divorced in 2001. Tami says he had multiple affairs (including one with her BBW co-star, Evelyn Lozada, before the two ladies ever met) and TWO babies with mistresses during their union. Tami was left broke and on welfare assistance because they’re pre-nup left her without one red cent.

Tami and a few of Kenny’s other 4 baby mommas have publicly blasted him in the past, for not taking care of his children.

Kenny once made an appearance on Basketball Wives with Tami, after reportedly not seeing their daughters in 10 years at that time.

Today, he’s putting forth effort to do better, as a humbled man who’s had to learn from his mistakes the hard way. Be sure to watch Kenny Anderson’s documentary, Mr. Chibbs, on Amazon.