NeNe Leakes Explains Why She Went Off On Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss, And Cameraman

Posted On : March 4, 2019

In the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” NeNe Leakes went berserk on her cast-mates Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams, including a cameraman.

The Wig Party

Apparently, NeNe invited her cast-mates to her home for a wig party, just a day after her husband Gregg was hospitalized for a blood clot in his leg.

NeNe seemed to be enjoying herself until Kandi asked to see her closet. The Celebrity Big Brother star and former member of Xscape stated that NeNe would always ask her to see her fabulous closet.

Now that Kandi was at NeNe’s home, she wanted to have a look and so did Porsha.

NeNe told Kandi and Porsha not to go in her closet because she said “her closet was not together,” but Kandi didn’t think she was serious.

Therefore, Porsha and Kandi went into NeNe’s closet.

She Went Into A Rage

As soon as a cameraman was about to go into NeNe’s closet, she went into a rage. According to Kandi, Nene started “ripping the crew’s shirts and pushing people.”

In a sit-down interview on Sunday night’s episode of  “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” NeNe explains why she got so upset.

NeNe Defends Her Actions

Many are claiming that NeNe overacted, but she doesn’t see it that way.

The 51-year-old stated that if she invites someone to her home, it doesn’t give them the right to go through her belongings.

She told Andy that she felt disrespected when Kandi and Porsha went into her closet.

“The one thing these girls [“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members] have, is that they are disrespecting each other’s home when they visit them.” NeNe said.

“Sheree’s house was disrespected, Kenya’s house was disrespected. When you come to my house, you’re not going to disrespect my home.”

NeNe may have invited her cast mates to her home, but she claims Porsha and Kandi were not initially invited on the second floor of her home.

“They Just went upstairs on their own,” said NeNe, who claims that they were in the wrong.

Before NeNe explained why she went off on Porsha, Kandi, and a cameraman, Andy asked the audience to take a poll to see whose side they were on.

When he told NeNe that 81 percent of the audience was on Kandi and Porsha’s side, she said: “ I don’t give a d*** about whose side they’re on. I don’t give a d*** about this poll.”

“How are you going to be on their side? They didn’t have the right to go in my house and do whatever they wanted to do,” she added. “Until you pay my mortgage, you are wrong!”