New Edition’s Mike Bivins & His Voluptuous Wife Gave Us Life At Daughter’s Birthday Party

Posted On : May 21, 2019

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Michael Bivins is proud to have accomplished many feats and withstood many New Edition trials and tribulations throughout his life. However, there’s nothing he’s probably more proud of than his beautiful fam.’ The 50 year old R&B legend and his wife of 13 years, Teasha Bivins, have 4 beautiful girls, who are growing up right before our eyes.

Their youngest daughter, Sanaa, is cute as a button, and she recently celebrated her first orbit around the sun in early May 2019. Yeah, we’re a lil’ tardy for the party with this one, but better late than never…and besides, the cuteness overload you’re about to bare witness to in Bivins’ little girl, was well worth the wait.

Before we get to the celebration extravaganza that Mike and his wife threw down for their 1 year old daughter, we must first throwback to that time when the N.E. singer’s thicka-than-a-snicka wife’s snapback was on level 1000, just TWO WEEKS after delivering Sanaa last year.

This is what Teasha and their baby girl looked like in mid 2018…

Throwback photo of Mike Bivin’s wife, Teasha, with their daughter 2 weeks after giving birth (2018) [Instagram]

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