New Edition’s Ronnie Devoe Has A New Side Hustle, Smart Move

Posted On : July 25, 2015

ronnieRonnie Devoe of New Edition and BBD, is the most low key member of N.E. (well, he and Ricky are running a race for that title), so there’s not much that folks actually know about him, but there is one thing he now wants everyone to know- he’s started a new business. In other words, if you’re ever in the market for a luxury home, hit up Ronnie and his people at his new place of business, Devoe Real Estate, in Georgia.

He’s not new to the real estate industry, in fact, he’s been in the business since about 2002, but he took a brief break from it in recent times and just opened his new Georgia location a few months ago. Here are the details of his new company according to TMZ:

The “New Edition” and “Bell Biv DeVoe” singer tells us he just opened DeVoe Real Estate in Georgia … and plans to do the same out west.

This isn’t Ronnie’s first crack at this — he had a realtor biz from 2002 with about 60 agents.

He’s on tour right now with “New Edition” — they’ve got 30 more shows this year, but right after that … DeVoe says he plans to set up shop in L.A. and partner with established brokers in the market.


ronnie now2It looks like Ronnie is making sure he never has to relive the early struggles N.E. had to go through back in the 80’s when they claimed their former manager took every nickel they earned. They once said they had just come off of a nationwide tour at the height of their careers, and at the end of it, the tour bus had to drop them right back off to the Orchard Park housing projects in Boston where they, and their families still resided because they weren’t banking any bread. So smart move on Ronnie’s part.

By the way we want to wish Ronnie and his wife, Shamari Devoe, of the group Blaque, a belated…