New Eyebrow Raising Info Surfaces About Female Getaway Driver In Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

Posted On : April 20, 2019

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As the investigation into Nipsey Hussle’s tragic murder continues, new evidence and details continue to emerge. This time around, new info about the getaway driver for alleged killer, Eric Holder, has many scratching their heads.

The Initial Report About The Getaway Driver
A few days after Nipsey was gunned down in front of his Marathon Clothing Store in Crenshaw, CA on March 31, the female getaway driver was identified as an unnamed ‘friend’ Holder.

When detectives took the woman in for questioning, she claimed that on March 31st, she was waiting for Eric Holder in a nearby alleyway, and that she was driving the vehicle he hopped into after reportedly fleeing the scene.

However, she is adamant that she had no idea Holder had shot anyone, or that he was armed at that time. She instead reportedly told cops that she was simply waiting for him to come back to the car after he’d made a stop at Nipsey’s store. Cops later let the woman go, and soon captured Holder, who was on the run at that time.

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