New NBA Draft Players Make Fans Feel Old After Epically Failing To Identify Iconic 90s Artists

Posted On : June 23, 2019

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ILOSM fam,’ there comes a time in all of our lives, when we think to ourselves, ‘Damn…I’m old as HELL!’ Although we’re proud Old Schoolers, here at I Love Old School Music, that moment happened for us today, when we witnessed the 2019 NBA draft class attempt to decipher some of the most prevalent music artists and items of the 90’s era.

Warning: If you have never had a Damn-I’m-old-as-HELL moment, then get ready, because you are most definitely about to have it now….and it is a hilarious thing to witness.

The Youngins Were Today Years Old When They Learned Who These 90’s Artists Are…
In a new ESPN video clip (below), a few of the top NBA draft players of 2019 were quizzed on what many of us would refer to as ‘common knowledge,’ regarding the 90’s era. For these players- who were born between 1998 and 2000- ‘common knowledge’ of said 90’s nostalgia was anything but.

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For example, when shown photos of an Easy Bake Oven, players were dumfounded and some referred to it as a ‘microwave.’ Additionally, they thought rap legend, Ice Cube’s, name was “Iceberg” and that the Boyz N’ The Hood film he starred in was really named “Bad Boys” (as in Martin Lawrence and Will Smith’s film). Also, the players assumed that the 90’s Sister, Sister actresses, Tia and Tamera, were just some random “twins.” Interestingly, they all seemed to know the 90’s movie, Good Burger though. However, nothing -and I mean NOTHING– was more surprising than the players’ utter confusion when trying to figure out who exactly the people were in the throwback pics of Destiny’s Child and Outkast!

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One player was able to identify Beyonce in the photo, but assumed the other ladies were “her sisters” or “Soul Sisters”…or something. Another player guessed that Destiny’s Child was actually the “Spice Girls.” While another thought they were the “Cheetah Girls.”

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Shown a photo of Outkast…and the draftees were equally as dumbfounded. Most of them had NO clue who Andre 3000, nor Big Boy were, and they damn sure couldn’t name their group. This is in spite of the fact that Outkast is the only rap group to EVER go diamond (sell 10 million records for one album). All that hard work the two ATLiens put in, and still their name didn’t even ring a bell in the minds of these new-breed Generation Z’ers. Help ’em Lawd….

WATCH 2019 NBA Draftees Fail Terribly On 90s Culture Quiz…

ILOSM fam,’ if y’all want a real chuckle…as well as a realization of how OLD SCHOOL we all really are, peep the following video clip of the 2019 NBA draftees taking a stab at 90’s culture…and butchering it at the same damn time:

Fans’ & Celebs’Reactions Were Priceless…
Most fans could NOT believe just how old they’re getting, but one thing’s for certain; after watching the NBA draftees fail miserably at identifying the 90’s culture, fans now know they indeed are just as Old School as they felt in that moment. Check out some of the reactions below: