In Newest Legal Battle, R. Kelly Now Being Sued By His Ex’s Husband

Posted On : June 18, 2019
Bryant and Childress via WDAM-TV

Text Messages, Relocations, & Accusations

The Blast reports that once Kelly and Childress reconnected, their affair became hot and heavy. For example, when Kelly announced, in an interview, he was moving to Georgia, Childress reportedly convinced Bryant they should relocate.  He supposedly went along with it:

Bryant agreed to the move but says he was unable to find a job and it left him in financial ruin. Bryant claims every time the singer had a concert nearby, his wife would disappear to be with him. Bryant says he did all he could to hold onto his marriage, but ultimately it fell apart; Childress would later ask him for a divorce.

Bryant also claimed that while they were married, R. Kelly blessed Childress with the gift of Chlamydia, which allegedly came at a time when, according to Heavy, Bryant and Childress had stopped having sex. There were even text messages submitted to the case that allegedly took place between Kelly and Childress.

via Heavy
via Heavy

After their marriage fell apart, Bryant -a resident of Mississippi- decided to sue R. Kelly in 2017 for the failure of his marriage. And since that type of legal action is allowed in Mississippi, he’s ready for a judge to finally move the case along before Kelly gets wrapped up in other legal matters:

Via The Blast– He sued seeking damages for Kelly ruining his marriage and depriving him of his spouse, love, support and conjugal affection. Bryant said he suffered emotional, psychological and financial loss. Kelly filed court documents saying he does know Childress but denies he slept with her and caused Bryant’s marriage to crumble.

Two judges have already recused themselves from the case. Hopefully the third will ride it out. As far as R. Kelly is concerned, he’s sticking by his innocence and reportedly hoping the case gets thrown out entirely.