Next Singer Rescues His Kids From “Abusive” Ex After She Did THIS…

Posted On : February 9, 2016

b next raphaelRemember the 90’s group, Next? You know, they were the cats who had a string of radio hits from 1997 to about the year 2001, including the jams, “Wifey,” “Butta Love,” and “Too Close.”

Well for the past couple of years, one of their members, Raphael “Tweet” Brown, has been having one of the worst legal battles EVER with his estranged “wifey,” Juliette.

After years of going back in forth with their abuse claims and restraining orders, and at one point his non-African American wife even publicly called Raphael a “dirty nig*er,” Raphael has finally just won full custody of their two children and allegedly rescued both his son and his daughter from what he claims was abuse at the hands of his ex-wife. Here are the details:

Next singer, Raphael Brown during happier times with is ex wife, Juliette
Next singer, Raphael Brown, during happier times with is ex wife, Juliette

Via TMZ: Raphael Brown, from the R&B group Next, got sole custody of his kids — at least for now — and may have saved them from being snatched and moved to Minnesota.

According to legal docs, Brown said his ex-wife, Juliette, abused their 12-year-old son and recently forcibly removed him from school.

He says the first time the son was taken out of school, the boy ran scared and screaming from his mom’s car. Brown says 2 days later his ex tried again, but the cops intervened and sent him home to his dad.

Brown says he’s scared his ex might also be abusing their daughter.

We spoke with Juliette and she thinks Raphael’s a “difficult person” and this is merely a ploy to escape paying child support. She claims to be an exceptional mother who has never abused her kids, and has only doled out occasional spankings … which she calls perfectly legal.

Prior to getting sole custody … Brown was concerned his ex would take the kids to Minnesota where her family lives.
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Like we said, this isn’t their first bit of drama, back in 2014, Juliette claimed that Raphael abused her by kicking her while she was pregnant and that he watched porn while his children were present. After she made those claims, Raphael immediately fired back with a vengeance when he filed a whopping 250-page document in court to prove that Juliette was adamantly lying about the pornography and the alleged abuse on his part and he even got Juliette’s mother to vouch for him on it. Here are some of the details from Raphael’s 250-page document:

In the docs — obtained by TMZ —  he argues his wife has gone off the deep end … flying into a jealous rage after she saw pics of him on vacation with his girlfriend.

He claims:

-Juliette’s own mother told him “the devil had taken over [Juliette’s] soul” adding, “she’s crazy.”

-His wife changed her Facebook status to “widowed” after threatening to slit his throat.

-His wife verbally attacked a female fan on Facebook, telling her to “stay the f*** off my husband’s page” … even though the fan is a cancer patient who enjoys his music.

-Juliette (who’s not Black) goes on racist rants on social media, calling him “a dirty n****r” and saying he’s “the reason n****rs” are dying of AIDS.”

Brown goes on and on … denying he’s ever been abusive to his children, noting he even got temporary custody of his then 7-month old son when Juliette was in jail.  He also denies looking at porn around the kids, calling the accusation ironic since she’s a stripper.

We called Juliette for a response … and she told us, “He is a dirty n****r … because he fits the stereotype of what a Black, ghetto person is.” She also claims her mother can’t stand Brown and would never say bad things about her to him.

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Raphael and Juliette’s relationship seems pretty bad on all levels, and it sounds like they are better apart, than they probably ever were together. The number one concern is their children and if the claims that the kids were being abused are true (which it seems that the court probably thinks are true, based on the fact that Raphael now has sole custody) then it’s so great that the kids are in a safe place now. Hopefully Raphael and Juliette can reach a better place as well, because we’ve seen cases like this far too many times and the ones who get hurt the most are the children. Right now Raphael and Juliette probably need to un-access the crazy stuff and figure this co-parenting thing out. We wish them the best with that.

In the meantime, we’ll be over here jammin’ to these Next classics…