Nick Gordon SECRETLY Recorded By Brown Family & He Told Them This…

Posted On : July 5, 2015

7-5 nick angry and bobbiSadly, as Bobbi Kristina lies helpless in hospice care, there have been extremely high levels of tension and grief surrounding her dad, Bobby Brown, and the rest of her loved ones, understandably so. They desperately want to know the truth about what happened to her, if not for justice, than for nothing more than closure and understanding.

Allegedly, a member(s) of the Brown family secretly recorded a conversation with Nick Gordon as they tried to get more accurate details about the events surrounding the day Bobbi Kris’ was found unconscious in her bathtub. According to TMZ, this is what Nick Gordon said:
7-5 nick and bobbi[quote_box_center]

Bobbi Kristina‘s boyfriend Nick Gordon has not said a word about the bathtub incident that apparently will prove fatal, but TMZ now knows Nick’s story … that he did nothing to harm Bobbi Kristina and drugs did her in.

A member of Bobby Brown’s family recorded Nick on February 21, 3 weeks after Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the hospital. Even though Nick didn’t know he was being taped, the call was legally recorded because Georgia is a 1-party state.

Nick says, “I’ll tell you the honest truth, Krissy, she was…