Nick Gordon Spotted Happy w/His Alleged New Boo Like He Has Zero Worries

Posted On : April 27, 2017

For a brotha who was recently ordered to pay $36 million to the estate of his beloved girlfriend, the late Bobbi Kristina, after being found legally responsible for her July 26, 2015 death, Nick Gordon sure is out here smiling like he has zero worries.


That’s pretty interesting for a guy who currently is still a part of the pending criminal investigation into Bobbi’s death as well. One would think Nick had all the stress of the world on his shoulders, but nah…not least that’s not the way he looks in his photos with the woman being reported as his new lady.

Her name is ‘Laura’ and she seems happy as well, because she’s grinning from ear to ear in the pics with Nick like she’s found herself a great catch. No diss to Nick…just noting the obvious within the photos below from Baller Alert (swipe left to see their other pic)…

#NickGordon has a new boo. Her name is Laura

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In November 2016, Bobby Brown and other loved ones of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, testified in her estate’s wrongful death lawsuit against Nick Gordon. They’re lawsuit sought $40 million from Gordon and the judge ultimately ruled in the estate’s favor, ordering Nick to cough up $36 mill’ instead. Of course Nick doesn’t have that kind of bread, nor will he ever probably earn it, but it seems that the point of the lawsuit was so that the family could at least ensure that Bobbi Kris’ death was not in vain and that any penny he earned from discussing her death would have to go to her estate. The ruling will also help to ensure that the person the Bobbi Kris’ family believes is responsible for her passing will not be able to live comfortably.

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If you recall, Bobby Brown stated on several occasions that he believes Nick is the man responsible for his daughter’s death and apparently, so did the judge who presided over the civil case. However, Nick maintains he is innocent of any wrongdoing in Bobbi’s death.

Gordon’s camp also spoke out soon after the $36 million judgement and basically said that Bobbi’s estate will never see that money, because Nick ain’t got it.

So that could be why Nick seems to have no worries in his cozied up photos with his alleged boo thang- because he is not stressing over funds he knows he will never have. Now, about that other factor hanging over his head- the pending criminal case into Bobbi Kristina’s death. Only time will tell with that one, so we’ll keep y’all posted.