Nicki Minaj Finally Sends $25K To ‘Cosby’ Actor, But What He Did With It Is Priceless

Posted On : September 25, 2018

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Nicki Minaj finally proved herself not to be the lying-publicity stunt pulling-attention seeker that many fans were accusing her of being, after the public vow she made to former “Cosby Show” actor, Geoffrey Owens.

As we all know by now, Geoffrey was job shamed online as a result of a viral video that showed the brotha working at Trader Joe’s, as a cashier, a few weeks ago. Though Geoffrey was admittedly devastated, he took it in stride and also received major respect from millions of people who respected his humbleness and honest work.

What She Promised vs. What She Did

Many of y’all may recall that one of Geoffrey Owens’ praisers was Nicki Minaj, who promised to donate $25K to Geoffrey, following the public outing.

Welp, as we previously reported, days, upon days had gone by and Nicki was starting to look more like an opportunist, who voluntarily interjected herself into the massive wave of hype that had suddenly surrounded Geoffrey Owens’ in the media.

It especially seemed that way after a media outlet contacted Geoffrey’s team to follow up on whether or not he’d received the donation from Nicki. Turns out that at that time, Geoffrey hadn’t received a dime of Nicki’s promised donation. Nor had he heard a peep outta her, or her team, since she’d made the public announcement.

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Even still, Geoffrey made it clear that he wasn’t sweatin’ it, though he did appreciate the mere gesture of Minaj’s promise and was deeply touched. He never asked for a helping hand and admitted that even if she did send him the $25K, he’d donate it to one of his favorite charities, to help those in more dire need than himself.

Well, that was then and this is now. Here’s what happened after Nicki finally came through on her word…

Nicki Donates Money To Owens…Owens Then Does This…

It has now been a few weeks since Nicki Minaj promised her $25K donation to Geoffrey…and lo and behold, ol’ girl has finally pressed ‘send’ on that money transfer, so to speak. It’s just been confirmed that Geoffrey Owens has now received the rapper’s donation and is extremely grateful that she cared enough to eventually send it to him.

However, he, too, also proved that he was a stand up human being, by staying true to his word. Soon as the money hit Geoffrey’s account, he did as he promised and donated ALL of the $25,000.00 to a charity in memory of his former Cosby Show co-star, Earle Hyman:

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“I would like to give this donation of $25k to the Actor’s Fund in memory of the late, great Earle Hyman — who played Cosby’s father, ‘Russell’, on ‘The Cosby Show’ — who lived his last many years and died at the Actors’ Home, (funded and run by the Actor’s Fund). I am extremely grateful to Nicki Minaj for enabling struggling actors to continue pursuing their dreams.” -via source

Gotta love this dude, right?!!

Nicki reacted to Geoffrey’s donation with this statement:

Nicki Minaj- “I’m happy to be a part of a great cause. I wish Geoffrey much success and want him to know how loved he is. Rest in Peace to Earle Hyman.” source