Nile Rodgers (Of Chic): Madonna Asked Me ‘Why Don’t You Want To “F” Me?’ …Here’s Why

Posted On : January 12, 2021
Madonna and Nile Rogers

We need to start this article off with a collective ‘Lawd Ha’mercy!’ Okay…we all know that Madonna has always been one of the most outspoken pop stars in the music game, right? Well, it turns out the “Material Girl” had no problem speaking her mind to Nile Rodgers of the 70s/80s group, Chic. Remember them? Their hits had the clubs jumpin’ back in the day. Hits like “Le Freak” are still CLASSIC.
Nile is also a well known songwriter, musician, and producer, which is how he reportedly eventually ended up in the position of being propositioned for sex by Madonna. It all went down while they were working on Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” song in the ’80s. According to Nile, one night after their studio session was wrapped, Madonna all of sudden turned to him and asked, “Why don’t you want to fu*k me?” Nile Rodgers was obviously shocked and he explained what happened next:

“So what Happened was, we finished recording that particular day and I think she was feeling just a little bit um, insecure, if you will. Remember when I had worked with Madonna, this was at the beginning of her career. So um…she was feeling a little bit insecure because I wasn’t hitting on her. I guess EVERYBODY was hitting on Madonna.”

Th reason Nile says he wasn’t even thinking about trying to get with Madonna was because he was focused on keeping a professional working relationship with her. Madonna then popped her question as they were walking out of their studio session:

“‘Nile, do you think I’m sexy?’ And I went, ‘Madonna, what kinda question is that? Of course, you’re like one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met.'” That’s when Madonna screamed, ‘”Well then why don’t you wanna [FU*K] me?!!’ And I said ‘Well because I’m your producer.’ And she said, ‘Well that didn’t stop any of the other ones!’ So that’s how it went, (LOL).”

Watch Nile Rogers explain this in the video below…

Madonna wasn’t necessarily singing “Freak out” like Chic, but she apparently wouldn’t have minded getting her freak on that day with Nile.

Some Of Madonna’s Other Past Celebrity Relationships

That wasn’t the first time Madonna had no problem going after what she wanted. She allegedly did so to D’angelo back in the day as well.

A few other celebs who you’d think made a very odd couple with Madonna are rapper Tupac, Michael Jackson, and NBA legend Dennis Rodman.

Madonna and Michael Jackson

There’s was a time when folks were saying that Madonna and Michel Jackson were a couple after they were seen out on a few dates together. Did they really have a thing going on, like the Billy Paul song? Who knows if she was MJ’s ‘Mrs. Jones,’ but one thing certain is that they were definitely cozied up like a couple.

Madonna recently confirmed that she and Tupac were a couple in the 90s when she appeared on The Howard Stern Show.

Madonna and Tupac

Then of course Madonna was on her odd couple swag when she dated NBA legend, Dennis Rodman, and that’s a whole ‘notha story within itself. They were quite the eclectic, weird couple of the 90’s.

I wonder if Nile Rodgers regrets not acting what Madonna wishes he would have tried back then. He was a true gentleman with the way he handled her comment, so we definitely give him respect for that.
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