Nipsey Hussle: Man Shot Alongside Rapper Talks About His Last Words

Posted On : April 28, 2019
Nipsey Hussle in front of his Marathon Clothing Store.
Photo via Instagram.

One of the victims in the Nipsey Hussle shooting is speaking out about what happened, as well as his recovery process. This is the man LAPD arrested for meeting the rapper at the store.

According to Kerry Lathan, 56, Nipsey Hussle had undergone a “metamorphosis” and wasn’t the same person he used to be in the streets — similar to Snoop Dogg. Essence reports Lathan as comparing Nipsey to the butterfly process.

If you say a person has made a change, or a metamorphosis, you can’t take an inchworm, then turn it into a butterfly, and put him back into an inchworm. That’s what Nipsey did,” Kerry Lathan mentions.

He transformed around there and tried to make money off his rap albums to help the community, to give back when there was no one giving back. So how can you put a halo and then put horns?Nipsey Hussle’s friend continues.

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