Nipsey Hussle’s Mother Speaks, Shares Encouraging Words

Posted On : April 9, 2019

As we approach this Thursday’s public memorial celebration for Nipsey Hussle, the 33 year old rapper and community leader who was gunned down last Sunday, celebrities and fans alike have been mourning his loss with words of praise for the kind of man he was. His spirit and legacy will definitely live on through his family, and two of his closest relatives are offering words of encouragement for everyone during this difficult time.

Nipsey’s Parents Speak Out

As Nipsey’s homegoing service draws near he’s being remembered by his parents Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom. First, Nipsey’s mother relays a message of gratitude to Nipsey’s fans on her cousin’s Instagram page. The video is brief but you can tell that she appreciates the love everyone has shown her son.

In addition to the IG post both Angelique and Nipsey’s father Dawit spoke with the Los Angeles Times to express how much he meant to them and how his presence in the world made it a much better place. Angelique told the L.A. Times very candidly;

“I would like for him to be remembered as a humble, spirited, respectful man who had, since his childhood, had an extraordinary and unlimited intellectual capacity.” Mourners have been arriving since Sunday to offer their condolences, but Smith said she finds herself comforting them and “chasing away the spirit of fear and grief … retaliation and anger.”

“I’ve been at perfect peace,” she said.

Adding to her sentiments Nipsey’s father Dawit had this to say about his son;

“It was like he was sent by God to give some love to bring us together because that’s what his lyrics were saying, always. He’s not shy to tell the truth even though it might not look good. He wasn’t scared of anything. [God] sent him to send a message. It looks like, ‘Your time is up because you have completed what I sent you to do.’ We all have a plan, but God has his own plan. So he had completed what he needed to be doing and he did it early so [God] probably want to take him early too.”

Page Six reports the memorial will take place on Thursday at the Staples Center with a 25.5 mile procession throughout South Los Angeles afterwards so everyone in his beloved neighborhood can pay their respects to a brotha that will surely be missed. RIP King.