Singer Nivea Is Not Playing Games In Latest ‘Sexy’ Photoshoot

Posted On : May 17, 2019
Nivea Is Not Playing Games In Latest 'Sexy' Photoshoot
Photo via Instagram.

Nivea is on the scene and flossing her sexiness, after posting a sample of her new photoshoot. And she’s definitely getting rave reviews in the comments.

Probably, plenty of DMs as well…

Singer Nivea dropped a body bomb on everyone. If you could picture a well-oiled, tatted, “thick” goddess covered in only mesh, you’d have a good idea. However, seeing is believing. And you’ve got to see her photo to understand the depth of her sexiness.

According to Nivea, her photoshoot was taken by photographer Dewayne Hogan. On IG, he goes by @fuggyfuggy2006. But, while he has a lot of photos via his IG, Nivea’s collection hasn’t been posted yet.

So as it seems, it was out of the kindness of her heart to share a sneak peek into the coming sexy set.

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