NO!! Katherine Jackson Says Male Family Member Is ABUSING HER & Gives Details

Posted On : February 8, 2017

This is so sad. The matriarch of the iconic Jackson family, Katherine Jackson, has reportedly just filed legal docs to get a restraining order against her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson (pictured below). Her nephew was actually very close to her and often seen with her at public events. But apparently the close bond between them was deceiving from the outside, because based on what Mama Katherine is accusing him of in her court filings, behind closed doors it must have been a totally different story.
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Here’s what’s being reported:

Via TMZ: Katherine Jackson is the victim of elder abuse at the hands of her nephew … according to legal docs she just filed in Los Angeles.

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Katherine Jackson’s nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson

Katherine just obtained a restraining order against Trent Lamar Jackson. In her papers she claims he is an “abusive con man who manipulated Mrs. Jackson for years so he could assume control of her finances, stay rent-free in her guest house and estrange her from her children.” She says Trent was taking from her accounts and she has to hide in her closet to speak to her kids so she can speak freely. Katherine says Rebbie and some of her other kids are willing to testify against Trent.

Katherine also fears physical harm, saying, “Now that he knows his conduct will be revealed, she fears what he may do to her upon her return.”The 86-year-old says she tried to fire Trent from his job as a nearly 6 figure driver for her on February 3, with the Sheriff present, but he took off just as the deputies and her lawyer arrived at her home.

The judge’s order requires Trent to stay 100 yards clear of her and to return all his keys to the home.

Katherine Jackson has like a thousand -okay maybe not a thousand- but she has WAY too many nieces, nephews, kids, grandkids and cousins who love her to death and would probably be more than willing to watch out for her. So if the allegations are true about her nephew, hopefully her other family members will step in and to protect her, at all cost, from any further abuse. Wishing Mama Katherine the best.