No Longer With His Wife: Ralph Tresvant Dating El DeBarge’s Ex-Wife And His Kids Love Her

Posted On : June 7, 2021
(inset photo) El DeBarge; (R) Ralph Tresvant

In case you haven’t heard ILOSM fam,’ New Edition legend, Ralph Tresvant, and his wife of approximately seventeen years are no-more. In fact, they’ve apparently been no-more for quite some time. And the “N.E. Heartbreak” crooner couldn’t be more happier, so it seems. He’s been in a committed relationship with the mother of four of El DeBarge’s twelve kids for a while and they still seem to be going strong.

Meet El DeBarge’s Ex…Ralph Tresvant’s Girlfriend

Introducing Monique DeBarge. She and El DeBarge were reportedly married for years and share three children – two daughters and one son – together. Though the two are no longer together, word on the Old School curb is they’ve maintained a cool friendship for the sake of their children. Cool to see them handling their responsibilities like grown folks, moving on…

Ralph Tresvant with girlfriend, Monique DeBarge [ex-wife of El DeBarge] on New Years Day
On New Year’s Day 2020, Ralph and his then-new lady, Monique, made it very clear that they were official when Monique posted the two of them ringing in the New Year together. She captioned her photo with, “After all, it’s 2020 #2020Vision Cheers!,” along with two wine glass emojis so we know it’s real. Needless to say, fans were hella excited to get a glimpse into the love life of the ever-so-private Ralph Tresvant. He’s admittedly always kept his personal life out of the public eye, so it’s refreshing to see the brotha beginning to step outside of his comfort zone in this way.

Monique DeBarge, Ralph Tresvant’s girlfriend; El DeBarge’s ex and the mother of four of El’s kids

Fast forward to today and it appears that he and Monique DeBarge are still going strong. Monique sometimes shares photos of her man, championing his latest projects and big up’ing him for his birthday, much like she did for Ralph’s May 16, 2021 b-day when he turned 53 years old. She shared below pic of Ralph online, captioning her post with:

“Happy Earthday Supa Dupa Fly! #beautifulsoul #beautifulheart #beautifulmind #amazinghuman #beautifulspirit #lightbringer #strongman #beautifulenergy 🎂🎊🎁🎊”

Photo Ralph Tresvant’s girlfriend, Monique DeBarge, shared for his 53rd birthday on May ,

One of Monique and El DeBarge’s daughters, Bobbie Monique DeBarge, commented, “Gorgeous couple,” underneath Monique’s b-day tribute to Ralph. While Ralph’s eldest daughter, Naquelle Tresvant, liked the post and commented, “I love this Mo.”

Their Kids Love Their Union

Speaking of their kids, both the Tresvant and DeBarge beautiful offspring — there are quite a few — have been showing their parents’ lovey-dovey union their full support on social media.

Ralph Tresvant with his girlfriend,Monique DeBarge [far right] and their beautiful blended family: [L – R] Monique and El DeBarge’s daughter,Kennedy DeBarge; and Ralph’s kids, Mariah, Naquelle, and Dakari Tresvant
For Christmas 2020 much of the DeBarge and Tresvant crews were in the building, having a jolly Merry Christmas together. In Monique shared one post of herself and Ralph; along with her and El’s daughter, Kennedy DeBarge; and Ralph’s daughters, Naquelle and Mariah [from prior relationships]; and the son he shares with ex -or estranged- wife, Amber Tresvant, Dakari. They were all swagged out in their Christmas onesies like one big happily-blended Black Brady Bunch and it was a cool thing to witness.

Monique also posed it up with Ralph’s beautiful daughters, Naquelle and Mariah Tresvant…

Ralph Tresvant’s daughters, Naquelle [L] and Mariah Tresvant [R], with his girlfriend, Monique DeBarge [C]
One thing is clear, Monique DeBarge seems to have a type (and ain’t nothing wrong with that) – legendary dudes who can sing the hell outta love songs in higher register tones, with a slim build, millions of fans, and a laid-back demeanor – Ralph and el both fit that description.

The Latest On Ralph’s Estranged Wife, Amber Tresvant

At this point it’s very clear that Ralph has long ago moved on from his ex [or estranged] wife, Amber…but it’s unclear if the two of them have officially divorced on paper. Clearly, Amber’s well aware of his union with the new love of his life, because their son, Dakari Tresvant, is cool with it, as seen in the photo up top. Not sure how Amber feels about it, but for reportedly for the first time since their split, Amber has only recently displayed her left ring finger for the camera…minus her wedding ring, as seen in the photo below.

Ralph Tresvant’s ex, Amber Tresvant [R] with her relative at her birthday party
Prior to now, Amber seemed to have strategically hid her left ring finger in every pic she shared on social media since the split from Ralph seemingly over a year ago. Maybe — like Ralph — she just wanted a little bit of privacy to live her life without inquiring minds and prying eyes gazing at the possibly tan-less wedding band imprint left behind from where her wedding ring once resided. Or hell…maybe she was still rockin’ it…who knows? None of our business anyhow, right? Moving on…

Nevertheless, Amber happily celebrated her b-day recently with family and friends in May of this year. She also oftentimes shares many self-help memes about moving on with life and such.

Wishing the best to them all.