Not Again…Another Claim Against Usher Surfaces & It’s Not Good

Posted On : September 23, 2017

For the past month, Usher has been at the center of controversy with the Herpes allegations he’s currently facing. Alleged victims, both male and female, have come forward with shocking claims against the singer. Now, another victim has come forth with a very disheartening claim. According to the Daily Mail, a woman has revealed her twins were born still born and the cause is reportedly linked to Herpes, an STD she is said to have contracted from the Grammy Award-winning singer.

Disheartening Claims:

It has been reported that the woman conceived after her sexual encounter with Usher. But unfortunately, the pregnancy isn’t all that happened as a result of being with the singer. She claims she also contracted Herpes from him and the condition is what led to the untimely death of her babies. Despite the untimely death of the two innocent babies, it’s probably safe to say Usher’s legal defense team will pull out all the stops to question the woman’s claims and argue the medical possibilities of how something like this could happen. But apparently, stillbirth is a possibility for pregnant women with Herpes.

A detailed health report released by the publication explains the risks of premature birth or infant death. “Pregnant women who have the virus have an increased risk of having a miscarriage or giving birth prematurely. Their babies can contract herpes while they are still in the womb, which can be fatal.”


Graphic Details:

The latest claim follows the release of reports about the identity of another one of Usher’s accusers. On Tuesday, September 19, it was revealed that a woman named Laura Helm was identified as the previous “Jane Doe.” In her lawsuit, filed in Fulton County Court, she shared graphic details about her sexual encounter with Usher back in April of this year.

“Immediately after engaging in sexual and intimate relations with [Helm] on April 28, 2017,  [Usher] leapt from the bed, grabbed his penis, ran to the bathroom,and began to shower again,” reads the complaint. “[Helm], a bit confused by [Usher’s] behavior, left [Usher’s] hotel room while [Usher] was showering.” The complaint then notes, once more: ‘[Usher’s] actions prevented [Helm] from being able to observe [Usher’s] ejaculate.”

It has been reported that Usher is being sued for approximately $20+ million. Geesh!

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