O.J.’s Daughter Is 32 Now & Her Ex Tells Who She Thinks Really Killed Her Mom

Posted On : October 5, 2018

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O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife, the late, Nicole Brown Simpson, have two children together- their daughter, Sydney, and their son, Justin. With all the talk that has been surrounding O.J. Simpson throughout the years, ever since his 1995 murder trial, his whole family has kind of been flying under the radar.

His daughter, Sydney Simpson, has been living a normal, low key lifestyle for the past 24 years since their mother was murdered in 1994. But in recent years, she was spotted in St. Petersburg, FL., walking alone in public and completely undetected by the folks passing her by on the street.

All of that obscurity is probably a welcome treat for the entire O.J. fam,’ given the cloud of controversy that always follows the troubled NFL’er. Sydney was just 8 years old when her mother was killed, but she is now a 32-year-old woman. Get your scroll (down) on to see her now and to also see what her ex-boyfriend revealed about who Sydney believes REALLY killed her Mom…

O.J Simpson's daughter Sydney Simpson is seen living a new life in Florida just days before the premier of FX's new show about her father's infamous trial. Sydney, 30, was spotted taking her dog for a walk in St Petersburg, Florida on Friday morning.
O.J Simpson’s daughter Sydney Simpson, taking her dog for a walk in St. Petersburg, Florida [Twitter]
Here is O.J. Simpson’s daughter now! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that Sydney was the little girl clinging onto her Mother in the photo below, but just like we mentioned, she is 32-years-old now and she lives in St. Petersburg, FL.

Sydney and her younger brother, Justin (who was just 5-years-old when their Mom died), have both graduated from college. Sydney was an event planner at one point (we’re not sure if she still has that same career) and Justin is a chef.

Now, here is another interesting piece of info we found out: Sydney’s ex-boyfriend did an interview with Radar Online and revealed details about what Sydney has told him about her opinions on her Mother’s death. Here is the interview:

“Sydney is a real good girl and she has a good head on her shoulders,”Stuart Alexander Lee, who dated Sydney from roughly 2007 to 2012 tells Radar exclusively. “She’s not lazy. She works very hard.”

Lee says that during their relationship, she told him she had no intention of endangering her normal life by speaking out about her dad and the murders.

“She doesn’t understand that her story could help someone else,” Lee says. “When I was with her, I got friends in [the industry] I tried to set her up with and she said fame is a scary thing. It’s so real to tell your side of the story.”

Photo credit: RadarOnline- O.J. Simpson's and the late Nicole Brown Simpson's daughter, Sydney Simpson, with her then boyfriend, Lee; inset photo: O.J. Simpson
Photo credit: RadarOnline- O.J. Simpson’s and the late Nicole Brown Simpson’s daughter, Sydney Simpson, with her then boyfriend, Stuart Lee; inset photo: O.J. Simpson

“Everybody contacts her to speak out,” he claims. “She could be an inspiration to so many people, but she’s scared. She doesn’t understand. Hopefully one day she will.”

But in private, he says, “She talked about the murders, of course. Of course she talked about it. The way she feels, she doesn’t feel like he did it.”

They [Sydney and her brother, Justin] speculate that it was a drug deal gone bad,” Lee says. “May she rest in peace, but [Nicole’s] throat was cut like a Colombian necktie. Sydney doesn’t believe O.J. did it, but she doesn’t know what to believe. The media changes, and how the police changed the whole situation… Either way, her mother died.”

“I had plenty of conversations with them [telling them] to confront the media,” he reveals. “They’re letting their dad sit in prison for nothing!”

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“And he’s a good father from behind bars,” Lee insists. “They all still love him very much. They go out and visit him, and he calls them all the time and they talk together all the time. He’s a father. He’s a good guy. I don’t think he did it.”

Lee and Sydney broke up because of the increasing demands of his music career, but he says, “There’s no hard feelings on either side. I want to see her happy, and if this can motivate her to speak out, I hope it really does. My whole thing is, I was always tired of her and her brothers and sisters crying over spilled milk. You can’t let the world beat you up, especially when you didn’t ask to be here.”

“I know that if she decided to speak out she could be in a better position,” he says. “She’s a good-looking girl, the whole nine. She’s hella strong.”

Overall it’s beautiful to see that Sydney and her brother, Justin have been able lead productive and progressive lives, in spite of all of the pain they have endured and we wish them much continued success.