O.J. Simpson Returns To Twitter To Address Rumor Of Him Sleeping With Kris Jenner In The 90’s

Posted On : June 17, 2019

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Sometimes when celebrities go through career cancelling ordeals they fade into the background and chill for the rest of their lives. But not O.J. Simpson. It’s almost as if he didn’t get the memo that he’s been permanently dis-invited to the cookout. He just will not stop talking…and now that he’s on social media, he’s using his platform to address some of the rumors that have been plaguing him for a while. He’s not holding back either.

She’s Just A Friend

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A few weeks ago there were reports stating Simpson had confessed to his former manager, Norman Prado, that he’d spent a wild, marriage destroying night of passion in a hot tub with Kris Jenner back in the 1990’s. It was the kind of story that didn’t seem hard to believe, given Simpson’s alleged constant infidelity during his marriage to Nicole Brown-Simpson. The details were very graphic and didn’t paint Simpson, nor Jenner in the best light. The story also dug up former allegations, that Jenner’s daughter, Khloe, was actually Simpson’s. Had this night of passion actually taken place, it certainly would not help to dispel those rumors. However, O.J. wanted to set the record straight about a few things, and he took to his new Twitter page to speak on them. Page Six reports:

“Never, and I want to stress never, in any way shape or form, have I ever had any interest in Kris romantically or sexually,” said the 71-year-old ex-NFL star, adding, “and I never got any indication that she ever had any interest in me.”

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