O.J. Simpson’s Daughter Died Years Ago & The Details Of Her Passing Are Extremely Tragic

Posted On : May 28, 2019

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Throughout his life, controversial NFL Hall of Famer, O.J. Simpson, has seen more tragedy than any one person should- some possibly as the result of his own doing, others as a result of unexpected life horrors that sometimes can hit any one of us when we least expect it. The death of his daughter, Aeren Simpson, was one of those times.

What Happened To O.J.’s Daughter…

Aeren Simpson was born on September 24, 1977 and she was the 3rd born child of O.J. and his ex-wife, Marguerite Simpson. At the time of Aeren’s death, O.J. and Marguerite’s other two kids, Arnelle Simpson and Jason Simpson, were just 11 and 9 years old respectively.

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On August 1979 he life of the Simpsons’ daughter was cut short after she drowned in the pool at their family home in California, at just 1 year old (23 months)-  one month prior to making her 2nd birthday.

At the time of Aeren’s passing, O.J. and Marguerite had just divorced and Marguerite was living at their family home. According to St. Petersburg Time, Marguerite was also the one who found their baby girl unconscious in their pool on August 18, 1979. By the time the paramedics arrived, Aeren was still unconscious. However, there was a brief glimmer of hope, because on the way to the hospital, paramedics were able to revive Aeren in the ambulance.

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