Oh Boy! Aaron Hall & Teddy Tell Why They REFUSE To Work Together Again

Posted On : November 28, 2014
Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall

When the group broke up, Hall and Riley started pumping out hits separately and now things have now turned really foul in this one-time family affair. Teddy Riley released a song not too long ago called “Old Jam” where he goes completely OFF on his former group members. Regarding Chauncey of “Blackstreet”, he says “I made you. What kind of dude would file bankruptcy to keep from paying you?” As for Aaron Hall, he takes a few digs including “R. Kelly took your swag and X’d you out…all that drinking and drugging done stressed you out.” In retaliation, Hall says this about Teddy, “Square nig*as say square shit. When you gotta move a lot and have a whole lot of bodyguards and all you got is ‘Teddy’s Jam’ and I sung it – fuck you!”

Now we’re not sure who took the first shot, but this just got ugly.

You can here Teddy’s diss song here…

Whew! And it was all good just a few years ago…they were planning a reunion after performing together in 2009 at the BET Awards….guess that’s not happening now!

Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall performing in 2009
Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall performing in 2009

Here’s another interview where Aaron is addressing the situation with Teddy…

This is like a nasty divorce and the child that is caught in the middle is the beautiful music Guy could still be making together if they had stayed together. We’ve seen this breakup scenario over and over again, but as fans, that’s not really what we loved about these groups. What we loved was the blend -the fact that the group as a whole, regardless of who was singing lead, was instrumental in successfully entertaining us. You very seldom hear of groups that actually don’t break up, and unfortunately it’s happened to some of the best of them – New Edition, EnVogue, Guy, The Temptations, etc. So for us, it’s all about getting back to the blend, because that’s the thing that made us love the group. We loved Aaron’s voice on a “Piece of My Love,” but we also loved “Teddy’s Jam” when Teddy was the spotlight. The same attributes that keep a family together, are the same attributes that keep a group together- love, loyalty, commitment, and respect.

So for the sake of Old School music, let’s get back to the blend, and for the sake of humanity, let’s get back to family.

Take us out Maze…