Oh My! Countess Vaughn Is Back In Front Her Camera, This Time She’s Twerking

Posted On : August 12, 2016

So, if you didn’t know, Countess Vaughn loooves the camera. She will post a video in a hot minute on Instagram of her body, face, or just anything that she floats her boat. She doesn’t care if you like it, or not…she’s posting! So today wouldn’t be any different because 10 hours ago, Countess posted a quick “twerk” video.


Now we all love to let our hair down, and get a little loose, so I guess there’s nothing to say here except that Countess must have been getting a little loose last night. Check out her video below.


A video posted by COUNTESS VAUGHN (@countessdvaughn) on

For some reason, Countess has deleted most of her Instagram videos and pictures only leaving a handful of images to view. This video along with a picture of her boo, whom she said she would be marrying are the most interesting.

@countessdvaughn We gettin married😘💋😍
@countessdvaughn We gettin married😘💋😍

Seems Countess and her “boo” have been together for several months now. We don’t have much information about the mystery man, but she seems happy!

@countessdvaughn Me and my man 💋💋😳😳🎤🎉
@countessdvaughn Me and my man 💋💋😳😳🎤🎉

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