(Video) Cops & Parents Who Made Sex Slave Claims Make Surprise Visit To R.Kelly’s Home

Posted On : August 30, 2017

R. Kelly’s got 99 problems and the parents of Jocelyn Savage is one. The family of the now 22 year old woman who’s parents sparked a media firestorm in recent months, are not letting up with their conquests to get their daughter to meet with them in person.

Joycelyn has sent several public video messages to her father, stating that she is 100% safe, is where she wants to be, and is not being held against her will. She also urged her Pops- whom reportedly sent her to live with R. Kelly-  to stop “embarrassing” their family with what she says are his bogus claims to the media.

As of last week, the Savages held another press conference to send a message to R. Kelly during the weekend he was headed to Atlanta, Ga. for a concert. As they sat with their attorney, the Savages requested that R. Kelly set up a meeting with them, himself, and their daughter, Joycelyn, either at their attorney’s Atlanta office, a hotel, or another neutral spot.

Apparently, Kellz didn’t respond to their public request, so now the Savages have amped up their pursuit. According to TMZ, the parents called the cops to do a surprise pop up at R. Kelly’s home, to yet again look into their claims that Joycelyn is being held against her will as a “sex slave.” As far as we know, this is the second time the parents have had the police go check out Kelly’s home. The first time, police stated they’d found no evidence to back up the Savages claims.

Today, video surfaced of Jocelyn’s dad, Timothy Savage, video recording the visit for the world to see as he, some of his fam,’ and Atlanta police officers descended upon R. Kelly’s home. It was also reported that when the officers knocked on the door, another woman answered and told them Joycelyn was not there. Soon after their visit, cops told TMZ that they reached Joycelyn through FaceTime, ‘but she told them she was fine — as she’s said in the past — and didn’t want to speak to her family.’


This situation regarding Joycelyn Savage’s parents is beginning to feel like their beating a dead horse, so to speak. Their daughter is a grown woman…in fact, one who says her parents’ sex slave claims are 100% false and that she’s happy where she is. It’s unclear why they’re continuing to get at Kelly when it’s their daughter they should have an issue with, since she’s the one who cut them off. Now, as far as any other allegations against R.Kelly, well, that’s another story. But this one, with Joycelyn Savage ain’t in that equation, just saying.

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