Oh My Lawd!!! Randy Jackson Said Tina Turner Really Did SHOOT Him!

Posted On : January 8, 2015

Before we get into it our “Old School News With A New Point Of View,” don’t think that the now 75 year old, and still phenomenal, Tina Turner is busting guns.

LONDON - 1995: Singer Tina Turner poses for a James Bond style photo shoot at Pinewood Studio's in London. She sang the theme song for the 1995 Bond film 'GoldenEye'. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)
Tina Turner (Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

This incident allegedly happened back in 1988! So what the hell is going on with this? Wanna know why Tina Turner actually SHOT Randy Jackson back in 1988? Not that American Idol Randy, but Michael’s younger brother, Randy. Read the story here…

072512-celebs-randy-jackson-family-fuedAllegedly, Randy Jackson went to Tina’s house and walked in on her and a woman he was dating in what he insinuated was a “lesbian” encounter. If this is true, it gives a whole different meaning to the hit “Private Dancer” where she says ‘I’ll do what you want me to do’…hmmmm. Okay all jokes aside, I know we’re only reporting Randy’s side of the story and not Tina’s (because she’s never explained her side of the shooting as far as we know), so to her credit we’ll try to keep an open mind for her side of this story, if she ever decided to tell it. But according to Mr. Jackson, he and Bernadette – Tina Turner’s assistant of 22 years confirmed that this shooting incident actually took place.


“Yes, Tina Turner shot me. I have the scar to prove it,” Randy told some followers on twitter when asked if the report was accurate. He added: “Having said that, there was no violence on my part, nor have I ever owned or carried a weapon,” he added. There was this conversation as Tina was giving some sound advice to Bernadette. Tina said to her, “Bernadette, let me tell you something, you’ve got yourself an Ike Turner, You better get rid of him. I know you’re scared Aaagh.” Tina was furious, and she threw her hands up in disgust. ”I know what it’s like, Bernadette, It’s best for you if you stay here tonight (at her place). Just make sure you get rid of that Randy Jackson first thing tomorrow.”

Randy Jackson Tina Turner tweet-she-shot-meApparently over the next day or so after Randy walked in on the couple, shards of razor-sharp glass sprayed like darts throughout the bedroom. Everything else that followed seemed to happen so quickly. Randy Jackson jumped through the broken window and paused for a moment. Then, as he moved, glass fragments on Tina’s plush cream carpet could be heard crunching beneath his hard determined steps. Bernadette would say Randy kept telling her something to effect of “I love you and so on.” She said it was hard to really hear because it just sounded like he was muttering. Soon, Tina appeared….

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