Oh My! Brandy Pays B-day Tribute To Whitney, But Calls Out Monica For Disrespect

Posted On : August 9, 2017

On the beloved Whitney Houston’s birthday, Brandy took the time to pay homage to Whitney Houston while throwing shade at Monica.

For a while, there has always been this elephant in the room when it comes to the relationship between R&B singers, Monica and Brandy. It’s clear they’re not best friends, but definitely not enemies either. Ever since they collaborated on the Grammy award-winning song, The Boy Is Mine, the ladies have thrown subtle shade towards one another over the years. At one point things even allegedly became violent between them in the late 1990’s, but neither of them have yet to thoroughly clarify that in public. After their second duet, “It All Belongs To Me,” released in 2012, their rumored feud seemed to be behind them. Throughout the years though, Brandy and Monica sparked more rumors of bad blood between them, by sometimes displaying that love-hate thing among them and their fans have gotten all fired up about it.

Today is Whitney’s 54th birthday and it is widely known that both ladies were close to her. At one point, there was a dispute about which one of the ladies was truly the Goddaughter of Whitney. While it seemed like each lady was in their prospective space, both ladies came out of their corners to wish Whitney happy birthday and thus the shade began…

Here’s What Happened:

It all started with Monica wishing the late Whitney Houston happy birthday.

After Monica created her birthday post to Whitney, Brandy followed up with her own birthday post to Whitney. Not only did she create one post, but she created three. One of the posts was filled with various photos of Brandy and Whitney together solidifying the closeness they shared. However, I don’t think anyone ever doubted their relationship but just in case you did, Brandy is setting the record straight.






Because of their history, fans of both Brandy and Monica were quick to accuse Brandy of being petty with her posts and word choice. Instead of ignoring the comments that fans made, Brandy took the time to clap back at her critics and throw shade at Monica in the process.

And to Monica…

Fans may have thought Brandy was throwing shade at Monica again because she referred to Whitney Houston as her fairy Godmother. In case you forgot, when Monica appeared on Oprah’s Where Are They Now, she talked about her relationship with Whitney Houston, referring to the late icon as her “fairy godmother” and adding that she was like that for many people. Monica described that when she was in a dark place and like a “fairy Godmother”, Whitney physically came to Atlanta to ensure that she was okay.

See The Clip Below:

Shortly after that show aired, Brandy took to Instagram to share a photo of Houston writing that many people envied their relationship and wanted what they had. By also referring to Whitney as her “fairy Godmother,” it appeared as though she was taking shots at Monica again.


Now, could it be that Brandy’s and Monica’s fans are creating drama that’s not there? It’s quite possible. We would hope that Brandy wasn’t being petty on Whitney’s birthday though, because it was clear that “Nippy” loved them both.