Oh My! Keke Wyatt Reveals Truth About R&B Divas Atl “I Quit, They Cancelled”

Posted On : January 9, 2016


R&B Divas Atlanta” was always a hit, and one of our favs, Keke Wyatt, reveals why the show was canceled after being on after 3 years. But there wasn’t really an explanation about what happened or why it was canceled.

In a very quirky interview with Team Curtains, Wyatt is very energetic, and almost too much for the interviewer to handle, she revealed why the show was canceled, she even went in on Syleena Johnson and Monifah. Check out her interview below, now it’s a bit wacky, but here are our snippets of the interview if you can’t watch the interview at the moment.

“No, I quit so they cancelled. I’m sorry. No, I really did quit — when I quit, they cancelled,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt discussed her relationship with Syleena Johnson, who seemed to be one of her closest friends at the time. However, when Wyatt was asked about Johnson, she pretended she had fallen asleep.

When Wyatt was asked about her friendship with Monifah, whom she clashed with on the show sometimes, Wyatt disregarded the friendship and said, “Who? I don’t know Monifah. She’s not my best friend. She’s never been.”

Photo credit: Keke Wyatt Instagram via @keke_wyatt

However, Wyatt claims that she is still very close with former cast mates Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans, who both left the show early before its demise.

“Her and Nicci Gilbert are my friends in real life. And that’s it,” Wyatt said.