Oh My! See Why Chaka, Her Mom & Son Were SUED In WRONGFUL DEATH Lawsuit

Posted On : August 2, 2016

Chaka Khan’s endured several struggles in her life – most recently her rehab stint for addiction to prescription medication- but she’s always publicly owned up to her mistakes and we greatly respect that about her. In 2006 though, Chaka ended up having to pay for her son, Damien Holland’s, mistake and so did her beautiful mother, Sandra, when a judge ordered all three of them to cough up some major money in a wrongful death lawsuit. It all started after Damien (then 25), killed his friend, Christopher Bailey (17) in 2004. Chaka has discussed this tragedy several times in interviews, but see how she and her Mom got tied up into the situation…


fb chaka khan During Damien Holland's 2006 murder trial, he admitted that he shot his friend, Christopher Bailey, in the face with an M-16 assault rifle as they argued about Christopher having an affair with Damien's girlfriend. But Damien was adamant that he shot him by accident and that his intention was never to shoot his friend. Damien was acquitted of all charges after the jury heard his; his mom, Chaka's; and others' testimony during the trial. BUT SEE WHY CHRISTOPHER'S FAMILY INCLUDED CHAKA, HER MOM, & HER COMPANY IN THE WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT...

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