Oh My! Tank Made His DAUGHTER Cry On Christmas But Wait Til U See Why

Posted On : December 27, 2016

Singer, Tank, made his daughter, Zoey, break down on Christmas day and when you watch the video, you just might get a lil’ misty eyed yourself.


Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 5.39.02 PM
You see, most kids wished for toys and technology gadgets this Christmas, but little Zoey’s wish was far more complex and grandiose than the average 9 year old. Zoey wasn’t just thinking about herself for Christmas, she wanted something for her family.
Tank with his girlfriend/mother of his child, Zena Foster
Apparently Zoey’s been wishing, for a long time, that her parents, Tank and Zena Foster (his long term girlfriend), would eventually be able to get a new house. On Christmas morning, she was not expecting her dream to finally come true, but Tank came through for them, and it did. Her reaction was so touching and she even made her Pops cry. Check it out below…

That’s so adorable and it’s always a beautiful thing to see an entertainer who’s been in the game for years, survive the ups and downs of the music industry¬†and still be able to provide for their family in the end.

As far as little Zoey, she’s a sweet kid and a big dreamer. Hopefully she’ll never lose her ability to dream big and accomplish goals far beyond what she could have ever dreamt.