Oh No..After Man Claims Sexual Relationship w/Mary Mary Singer’s Hubby, They Clap Back

Posted On : October 14, 2017
Teddy and Tina Campbell

Gospel singer of the group, Mary Mary, Tina Campbell, is making headlines yet again. This time she’s speaking out after a man made claims that he had a long standing affair with her husband, Glendon Theodore “Teddy” Campbell.

Here’s What Happened:

Popular transgender woman, TS Madison, and Miami female rapper, Khia, have a show called ‘Queens Court,’ where they discuss the latest inside info from someone’s living room. The ladies provide a phone number and anyone is allowed to call in as they go live on Instagram to discuss the latest news in social media. While the ladies were conducting their show, an identified male called in with claims that he had a relationship with a man named Theodore. Initially, the ladies were confused as to who the man was talking about, but then he said the name, ” Teddy.” The man claims that he met Teddy -Tina’s husband- when he was a guitar player for the group, Soul Diggers.


Tina & Teddy Clap Back

As soon as the man’s claims hit the internet, fans and non-fans showered Teddy and Tina’s Instagram page with comments about the man’s claims about Teddy.

After receiving so many comments from people, Teddy and Tina responded to one commenter. Underneath their recent post of Tina singing a gospel-esque version of “This little piggy went to the market,” a fan hopped into the comments and asked her about the gay cheating rumor:

Here was Teddy’s and Tina’s reply:

teddyandtina: …We’re public figures with a tore up past plus a reality show that misconstrues our present by editing our lives to reflect what it was not what it is. They believe that’s what black america wants to watch so they along with all the rest of the controversial media based outlets feed yall lies and yall eat em. Sooo I suppose those looking have the ammunition to create the stories they want to believe.‍♀️. We’ll just be over here living while all those special people keep watching, following, and talkin. Life is too good and God is too good to focus on the dumb stuff

Not The First Cheating Claim

While this is the first time Teddy Campbell has been accused of sleeping with a man, this isn’t the first time that he’s been accused of cheating on his wife, Tina. We were all shocked to find out that Tina’s husband, Teddy, had an affair with one of Tina’s employees, who became a close family friend. Tina, along with her husband, made the shocking revelation on The Steve Harvey talk show.

“The person who it was, she used to work for me, and so, that broke my heart. She was like a godmother to my children, Tina told Steve Harvey. She had access to my home, to come get my kids, and all that kind of stuff. [She] was very intermixed in my family.”

To face the woman she once called a friend, she made Teddy call her so that she could confront her.

She hung up the phone. So I had my answer. It broke my heart, it devastated me, so I spazzed out Tina said on the show. I destroyed three cars, tried to stab and plotted murders and all kind of crazy stuff because I was angry. And I was doing all that like, … ‘Either I’m going to die wrong or live right.’ So we’ve been working on living right.

See The Clip Below:

After a lot of prayer and tears shed, Tina and Teddy decided to move forward with their relationship. In a very public way, Tina shared with the world her decision to forgive her husband, Teddy Campbell, for sexual infidelities and they have even renewed their vows. After engaging in a number of interviews, taking to social media, creating an album and devotional book about overcoming marital strains, Tina and Teddy seemed to be better than ever. They even have their own Instagram page entitled, Teddy and Tina. Recently, a fan asked Tina about the alleged cheating allegations and she responded.

Let’s just say Tina Campbell isn’t having the best week. First, the Trump voting fiasco and now this. I guess the christian roots in Tina would say, ‘the devil stays busy.’