Oh No, “Empire” ACTOR Has Been ARRESTED, Details…

Posted On : April 6, 2017

For those of us who watch Empire every Wednesday night, we know all about “Lucious Lyon’s’ half- brother, ‘Tyriq.’ He’s the character is a FBI agent on a constant- and oftentimes illegal- hunt to take down his brother by any means necessary.

Morocco Omari and co-star Taraji P. Henson
Morocco Omari and co-star Taraji P. Henson

Well today actor, Morroco Omari, has a real life legal issue of his own unfortunately. He was just arrested for a domestic violence dispute involving a 24 year old woman. At this point we don’t know if he is guilty of the charge or not, but you can peep the details below:

Via TMZ: Morocco Omari, an actor on “Empire” who plays Lucious’ half-brother, has been arrested for allegedly brutalizing a woman. […] Law enforcement sources tell us, a 24-year-old woman called 911 in Chicago Wednesday, claiming she and Omari were arguing when he pushed her to the ground several times. She said she suffered scratches to her neck and chest. Cops arrived on scene at around 2:30 PM, apparently observed the injuries and arrested the actor. Omari…was booked for misdemeanor domestic battery.

We’ll keep y’all posted on this domestic issue. However, on a side note, we found out a few interesting random facts about Omari that we wanna share:

Morocco Omari with his then wife/actress, JoNell Kennedy
Morocco Omari with his then wife/actress, JoNell Kennedy
  •  Morocco Omari was married to actress JoNell Kennedy for five years (2001 – 2006). She’s best known for roles and appearances in the film Dreamgirls, and in TV shows like NCIS, The Mentalist, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Malcolm and Eddie and more.
  •  He’s now getting a bigger payday from Empire because this season (season 3) he was finally bumped up from his character, Tariq, being a recurring role, to a regular on the show, joining the likes of his ‘main cast’ co-stars, Terrence Howard (‘Lucious Lyon’), Taraji P. Henson (‘Cookie Lyon’), Jussie Smollett (‘Jamal Lyon’), Byshere Y. Gray (‘Hakeem Lyon’), Trai Byers (‘Andre Lyon’)and Gabourey Sidibe (‘Becky’).
  • Morocco Omari recently revealed that he became an actor by accident:

Via People Magazine: “I tripped into acting. I had recently returned home from Desert Storm, enrolled in school in Chicago where I was majoring in business and I bored out of my mind. I was modelling a little bit but the money wasn’t enough (or I wasn’t pretty enough). I started booking commercials and then I was an extra in a virtual reality game. I was a masseuse. I had no lines. I paid close attention to the actors though. I asked them how much they were getting paid and it was waaaaaay more than I was making. So I went to my agent and said ‘I want to be an actor!’ She laughed and said ‘oh, Morocco, take some classes and do some theatre and I’ll send you out on auditions.’ I took three classes and booked my first play and during that first time on stage in front of if an audience, I was smitten.”