Shocking PICS That Prove Paris Jackson’s Dating 26 Yr Old Alleged RACIST!

Posted On : March 23, 2016

fb paris jackon8So we came across some recent pics of Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, and her new boyfriend. At first glance everything seemed innocent enough- just two young kids enjoying their puppy love and referring to each other as “bae” on Instagram. Well it turns out those looks were deceiving and our first assumption was flat out WRONG.

You see, there were two things that stood out to us quickly- for starters, the dude Paris is dating is young, but he ain’t that doggone young…at least not in comparison with 17 year old Paris. Her new man, Michael Snoddy, is a 26 year old who is also the drummer for a rock n’ roll band. Paris will be 18 next month (April) and sure 26 isn’t old man status by far, but c’mon now, we all know that an 8-9 year age difference between a 17 yr. old and a 26 yr. old is A LOT!  We understand Paris is still very young and trying to find herself, just as we all were doing at her age, but hopefully she is wise enough to peep game, if there is in fact game being ran on her by this grown man.

Is he racist? See pics...