Oh Wow! Regina King & Rapper Dana Dane Teaming Up For Dope New Project

Posted On : June 1, 2017

Hold up family, I gotta start this one off right. Pardon me while I pay homage to the Old School: *in my Dana Dane voice* “Once upon a time, Brooklyn was the scene/ In the project that they called Fort Greene/ There lived a young man, Cinderfella’s his name/ To make it interesting it’s me, Dana Dane…”

Okay now that I’ve gotten that throwback flashback outta my system, back to our regularly scheduled program: Who remembers 80’s rapper, Dana Dane? He had the radio, night clubs, school dances, and house parties on FIRE back in the day, with his rap classic, “Cinderfella.”

Well it turns, out Dane has joined forces with actress, Regina King- or as many of us, Old Schoolers, first referred to her as “Brenda Jenkins” from 227. The two are turning the “Cinderfella” hit into a hip-hopera style movie adaptation of the the 1987 hip hop ‘Cinderella’-turned-fella story. Cool, right?

According to TMZ, Regina and Dana Dane are in the process of casting actors to portray the swagged out ‘Cinderfella’ lead role and others. And word on the Old School curb is that another rap legend- Ice Cube- may even join this project in some capacity.

So far it seems interesting, so we’ll keep y’all posted on this in the coming months.