This “Ray” Movie Actor Is All Grown Up, Check Out What He Does Now

Posted On : October 31, 2015

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Remember the kid who portrayed the young Ray Charles in the autobiographical film, Ray, starring Jamie Foxx? He did an incredible job as “young Ray” and it’s been many years since we last saw him.
We’ve recently found out that he’s been very busy doing what he’s doing now. He is an adult now and he’s pursuing another one of his passions.

Re-introducing CJ Sanders

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His name is CJ Sanders and he’s now 19 years old. As you can see, he’s a football player and word on the old school curb is that he’s one of the best wide receivers on the college circuit. He is a freshman at Notre Dame University, which has one of the most intense football programs on the college level.

According to, last year when CJ was considering what college he would attend after his 2014 high school graduation, he was considered a four-star recruit by and he was rated as the 37th best wide receiver prospect of his class. CJ accepted a scholarship to Notre Dame earlier this year and is now a key member on the team.
ray actor cj sanders

Although CJ loves acting, a passion for football was inevitable because he was surrounded by the sport his entire life. His dad, Christopher Sanders is a former Tennessee Titans wide receiver and he also played for the Houston Oilers and the Tennessee Oilers, Christopher Sanders. His stepfather Corey Harris, is a former safety who played 12 seasons in the NFL.

CJ Sanders dad, former NFL player, Christopher Sanders
CJ Sanders dad, former NFL player, Christopher Sanders

Here is a short video of CJ Sanders cuttin’ up on the football field…


This young man is one determined individual and if it’s one thing we truly love to see, it’s seeing the younger generation shooting for the stars in their own ways. It’s just like the old school saying goes: ‘Shoot for the stars and even if you fall short, you’ll still land on a cloud.’ We wish CJ Sanders nothing but success along his journey to greatness.

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