Oh Wow! Wait ‘Til U See JJ’s Surprising Thoughts About Bill Cosby

Posted On : July 22, 2015

BLOG jj double picJimmie Walker, or shall we say “JJ” from Good Times, says he always had a great relationship with Bill Cosby after working with him in the 1975 classic, Let’s Do It Again, and around the comedy circuits throughout the years. Walker recently gave his take on the whole Cosby sex scandal that we’ve been seeing unfold in front of our eyes. What he revealed that he experienced first hand may surprise many…but then again, maybe it won’t.

Here’s what he told TMZ when they asked him to share his thoughts on Cosby. (If you want to read what he said instead, you can do so on the next page).

A couple weeks ago Jimmie Walker told CNN this about Cosby and what he described as a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide” type of thing:

Typically I don’t agree with what Jimmie Walker has to say when it comes to many things, such as politics, his past support for Donald Trump for President and such, but this time around I actually think he made some good points. I gotta admit that I’m surprised.