O’Jays Member Talks Dangerous Disease He’s Battled For 30+ Years

Posted On : June 10, 2015

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The O’Jays have definitely had a great deal of heartache and challenges they’ve had to fight through over the decades and the health battle O’Jays singer, Walter Williams, has had to fight has been a long, painful one that he kept quiet for several decades. Here’s what was reported via Cleveland.com:


It started with a numb big toe.

Walter Williams was driving back from an O’Jays gig in Buffalo, N.Y., when he felt the strange sensation. The hit-making R&B group had just gotten new stage outfits, so he figured maybe his new shoes were too tight.

But the numbness soon spread from his toe to his entire foot to his leg, in the middle of an O’Jays tour.


“I probably stopped in every hospital in every city, trying to find out what was going on,” Williams said.

A doctor in Los Angeles determined that Williams had multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis was confirmed at the Cleveland Clinic.

“My family was…


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