Old School & New School Celebs React To Charleston Church Massacre

Posted On : June 18, 2015

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Sadly we have seen yet another day that eerily places us right back into the heart of the 60’s civil rights era when many of our nation’s leaders, entertainers, and everyday citizens were fighting the fights of their lives, just so we could ultimately shed the nation of having more days like the ones we’ve been experiencing lately. Truth be told, those days of the civil rights era never ended, but now the mainstream media is being forced to shine more light on incidents like the Charleston S.C. church massacre, as a result of the new digital/social media era we live in now.

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Mass murderer, Dylan Roof (21), is now in police custody for killing 9 innocent people and wounding several others (all of whom were African American) at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and had it not been for the online outcry and outrage of the people, it makes one wonder if we would be hearing about these type of stories on a national level…thank goodness for social media and technology. Let’s keep Charleston, S.C. and the families of all of the ones whose lives were tragically ended last night in our thoughts and prayers. In the words of Marvin Gaye: “What’s Going On?!!”

Here are what some old school celebs, new school celebs, and others are expressing in response to the Charleston church massacre that happened on yesterday…sc church1 freddiesc church aj johnson house party sc curch anita bakersc church ben jealous naacpsc church gabrriele2 sc church magic johnsonSpike Lee…

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