Old School Trivia: These Two Grew Up And Become Music Icons That Fans Adore

Posted On : May 10, 2023

This may be sort of a tough guess, because these two singers look a tad different now…but we thought it’d be fun to see how many of you think you guessed this one right — before scrolling down to see the answer.

Check out the photo up top and see if you recognize them…then get your scroll-on to find out who these two are…

They Are None Other Than…

Yep…it’s the two eldest siblings of the iconic Jackson fam’ — “Ms. Centipede” a.k.a. Rebbie Jackson and Jackie Jackson. Now can you see the resemblance in the pics?

Rebbie Jackson,;Jackie Jackson

On a side note…at 73 years young, Rebbie is still looking fine as wine; and 72-year-old Jackie, looks like he’s found some type of reversed-aging time machine or something. These two eldest Jackson siblings are aging very gracefully. Go ‘head Rebbie and Jackie!

What Rebbie Jackson’s Been Doing In Recent Years

Here’s a quick run-down of what Rebbie’s been up to. Some years ago, Rebbie announced she was in the studio again working on a new album, not sure if that’s still in the works though. That would be the first album she’s released in 19 years. In 2011 she toured on the “Pick Up The Phone” tour, which is dedicated to teens who have committed suicide all over the U.S.. She said she felt a personal connection to doing that because one of her daughters is bipolar. Recently, Rebbie has reportedly been the caretaker of their mother, Katherine Jackson. And by the way…you can catch Rebbie on her baby sis,’ Janet Jackson’s, new self-titled Lifetime Network documentary…it’s a must-watch.

Rebbie has three children with her husband of over 44+ years, Nathaniel Brown. Sadly, Nathaniel passed away in 2013 after a battle with cancer. They also have one granddaughter together.

Jackie Jackson (C) and Rebbie Jackson (R) pictured with Rebbie’s daughter, Yashi Brown (L)

What Jackie Has been Up To Lately

Jackie has four children; and in recent years, he’s been constantly touring with his brothers and selling out shows across the globe. He has four children — two with his first wife, the late Enid Jackson; and two young twin boys with his current wife, Emily Besselink.¬† And in case you missed our previous story about that wild incident that happened between Enid, Paula Abdul, and Jackie Jackson, you might want to check that out HERE.

Overall, it’s always great to see artists from back in the day still living healthy and doing well. Did you guess this one correctly ILOSM fam?’